Schietti's Engine: Clean Energy 24 Hours a Day!


The explainations are very clear: in Italy it's viral and millions of people know Schietti's Engine:

The Schietti's Engine is similar to the Ctesibius's Pump ( the hand pump) only that I increase the air pressure inside a pressurized chamber.

The hand pump can pump water effortlessly up to 10.33 meters because of the air pressure that is exerted on the surface of the water as Torricelli proved with his barometer (if you don't believe look well on google).

If you increase the air pressure on the surface of the water in a  4 atmospheres pressurized chamber, you can pump water up to 41,32 meters  (but also up to 50 , 70 or 100 meters if you increase more and more the air pressure inside the chamber). And then you can produce electricity with the water that falls as in a hydroelectric power plant.


It's easy, Ctesibius's Pump, Torricelli's Barometer, Air Pressure on the surface of the water, the 4 Atmospheres Pressurized Chamber, the Hydroelectric power plant. No ingegneer can discuss on Schietti's Engine because is proved science.

I don't need to show you prototypes because the working examples are Ctesibius's pump, Torricelli's barometer and drinking straws

If you want to do some experiments in a hyperbaric chamber.

Maybe it's the most important invention of the human history, please try to understand and share!

Domenico Schietti

Ps1: there is a global conspiracy to use oil, nuke, coal, methane and so I don't ask money to you. I write every day to all the Prime Ministers of the world and you can do the same.

Ps2: If they will use Schietti's Engine, I have no children and I will give all my money to a global fund for environment and poverty with prizes every year to best projects and an international website whit the projects of everybody: hundreds of billions every year.

Ps3: at this link my Doctrine I send to all the world's governments together with the explanations of my engine. It's in italian but you can easily translate on line. If UN would join to my Doctrine I could give them the patent of my Engine.

Ps4: if you visit my home page you can find a lot of articles about my other researches, inventions and international campaigns with all my suggestions against poverty, war, climate change, deforestation, overpopulation. They are in italian but you can easily translate on line.